I am Rory Gilmore, Rory Gilmore is me.

“I can’t believe I’m in the blogosphere.” – Rory Gilmore

I often catch myself comparing myself to Rory Gilmore. We both figured out what we wanted to do with our lives at a young age: Rory, a journalist, myself, a lawyer. We both spent countless hours on studying, participating in extra-curricular activities, agonizing over potential jobs, and consuming large amounts of caffeine. I cannot think of an episode of a television series that I relate to more profoundly than season 7, episode 20 of Gilmore Girls. During a time when I had no plans, no job interviews or offers, and only two graduate school acceptance letters, I felt scared and alone. Then there was Rory. Literally going through the same. exact. thing.

While Rory ended up working various jobs since her graduation from Yale, I decided that the best option for me was graduate school. If I wasn’t fully prepared to embark on law school, what better option was there than to further my education in a field that would improve my writing and argumentation skills?

Western Kentucky University wasn’t a part of my 5-year plan. In fact, it wasn’t a part of any of my educational plans, but I’ve come to terms with the idea that it is exactly what I needed. Not only have I been more challenged academically than ever before, but I have also become more adaptable in many ways than I can imagine. I have come to the humbling conclusion that in order to get to the position that I have so desired to get to, it will take more than just flying through undergrad and unrealistically getting into the best law schools, but actually taking time to cultivate my interests, and more importantly, finding what I really want out of life along the way.

Although the premiere of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life on Netflix did not alleviate my anxiety for my future, Rory’s relentless pursuit of her goals is something I will always resonate with. She unabashedly continues to follow her dreams despite of her many setbacks, and I plan on following suit. And while the road will presumably be tough and unpredictable, I am looking forward to facing every trial and obstacle along the way in order to get to where I’m going.

My hope for this blog is to share my experiences (past, present, and future) of my pursuit of my dreams and hopefully making a difference in this world. It also will serve as a means to practice writing in general and a way to force me out of my comfort zone. As with most students and young adults, I’m still finding my voice and who I am as a person. This blog will provide a platform for me to share my own personal experiences and growing pains with you in hopes of finding comfort and common ground in what I think are some of the most challenging years of our young adult lives.

I would love any and all questions, comments, or feedback you might have!


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