Starting Fresh: 16 Goals I Want To Accomplish By The End Of This Year

So far, 2017 has been a never-ending struggle with accountability and motivation. At the end of 2016, I was so determined to stick to my New Year’s resolutions list and finally make 2017 the year I actually follow through with my goals. But, I’m pretty sure I gave up New Year’s day.

It was so easy to hold myself accountable in 2016. I was motivated to graduate a year early, to start a career or get into grad school, and to make sure I graduated with the highest GPA possible. It also helped being a student-athlete—my coach was always stressing the importance of holding yourself accountable by creating a community where the success of the team relied on it, and so I always had people motivating me in some way.

Now that I’m in grad school, it’s such a different story. My first semester (Fall 2016) was especially trying: I really felt like I had made the wrong decision in attending WKU, I had to take classes that I was completely not interested in, and I genuinely felt like I just didn’t fit in. I started to get severe anxiety before every class, and I couldn’t actually focus on what I was learning because I felt so insecure. It also didn’t help that I only had classes three days a week, and I think that’s really where my decline in motivation stemmed from.

I didn’t have a hectic practice or work schedule to force me to actually sit down for my 2 free hours each day and knock out some homework anymore. It was completely up to me whether or not I wanted to wait until the week a 20-page research paper was due to start writing or to put off reading a Faulkner novel until the last minute. I also didn’t have the support system I was used to, which made my struggles seem that much worse. I can’t even express the amount of relief I felt when the semester was finally over.

However, it hit me over winter break that there was absolutely no way I was going to make it through the next three semesters if I didn’t change my attitude. I made lists upon lists of things I wanted to accomplish in 2017—things I really wanted to challenge myself to do. I was so determined to explore my passions, but, like always, life happened. I made some progress on a few of my goals during the first few weeks, but then I would abruptly stop. I couldn’t hold myself accountable for the life of me.

I’m so tired of this seemingly endless cycle of highs and lows; I’m super motivated one minute and then hating myself the next for not following through. I really need to start putting my words into actions, so I’m giving myself a do-over on my New Year’s resolutions list. I’m posting this blog to ensure that I hold myself accountable by posting updates every so often. And so, here’s what I really want to accomplish in 2017:

  1. Become a vegetarian and/or become more conscientious about what I put into my body
  2. FINISH Kayla Itsines’ BBG (and/or Cassey Ho’s PIIT28)
  3. Start practicing yoga
  4. Worry less about getting perfect grades and focus more attention on growing and learning
  5. Read more books for pleasure (if you have any suggestions, please let me know!)
  6. Get a summer internship (preferably with a non-profit)
  7. Run a half-marathon (or two, since I’m being ambitious)
  8. Save $2,000/become more financially responsible
  9. Backpack through Europe with Kate (my little sister)
  10. Take Josh on a cruise
  11. Start a blog (yay! at least this list wasn’t a complete failure to begin with)
  12. Volunteer/get involved in the Bowling Green community
  14. Appreciate the good instead of dwelling on the bad (which I am currently so, so guilty of doing)
  15. Really and truly love myself more
  16. Deepen my relationship with Christ

Overall, I really hope to become more self-aware. I want to find what I’m passionate about and pursue it wholeheartedly. I want to be physically, mentally, and spiritually strong. I want to prove to myself that I can hold myself accountable solely based on my own determination and the respect and love I have for myself.


What were some of your New Year’s resolutions/goals for this year? What kind of struggles have you faced when following through with them? How do you stay motivated?


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